From the Mayor's Desk

January 27, 2021


To the Citizens of Statham,


The Year 2020 was a year of opportunity for the City of Statham. We have made great strides in moving our City in a direction that requires patience, due diligence, hard work and dedication from the mayor and council, as well as from all city staff. Even though we are all existing in an extraordinary and unpredictable time, the City as a whole has managed to hold its head high above the water and get things done.   


Before I ran for Mayor, I was a citizen just like you. And like many of you, for several years I saw things take place that was not in our community’s favor. Many of us sat together at those same council meetings and wondered why the changes and decisions that so desperately needed to be made weren’t being made; why certain actions were tolerated; and why Statham’s potential seemed to be stagnant and untapped.

Citizens, myself included, have long-desired to see changes implemented inside both City Hall and within the Police Department, with the desire of having a City they can be proud of and talk positively about. As a citizen, Statham deserves to shine and have displayed all of the wonderful things that make it our home. As your Mayor, I plan to be part of the solution in getting us there.

These past 13 months have been challenging and rewarding; forward-thinking and revitalizing. In a few senses of words, the year 2020 has been a rebirth for our City, and I look forward to these continued efforts in 2021. Of the many positive changes and accomplishments that have been made, be proud and remember that we can continue this trend by working as one body towards those means.   


Thank you for your support and encouragement during my first year as your Mayor. Much like “real life,” I learn something new each day in this position. Like most humble beginnings, I do not always know the answer or have the response one is hoping for, but I will always do my best to find the right answer. As a man of my word, I do promise to always speak with honesty and integrity; to uphold the values placed upon your City Hall, and perform the due diligence this position so requires.


I look forward to serving you in 2021.




Mayor Joe Piper